Photography On The Yorkshire Coast

I had a drive out to Saltburn on the North East coast of the UK a few week back with the intention of doing a little landscape photography an getting some fresh air. I’ve not taken my camera for a walk for some time so during the Christmas break was as good a time as any. One of the recent storms that had been battering the UK had blow over the region and was passing into the North Sea, just the right time to get some exercise after the Christmas excesses. (A tip for aspiring landscape photographers. One of the best times to go out and use your camera is after a storm as the air is clear and the light is generally fantastic for photography).

A rain shower had just passed through so time to jump out the car put on me coat and wooly hat pick up my camera and set off. It’s a short walk from the car park into Saltburn along the way one of the first thing I noticed was the damages caused by the recent storms to the piers promenade paths and seafront, it’s ceases to amaze me the power of the sea and the amount of damage it can cause. I spent about an hour wandering around an taking shots of the vistas in and around the Pier until I could feel my hands seizing up from the cold and a scare after very nearly being blown into the sea from ye pier, I’d had enough with a gale blowing and the wind chill adding to the already below zero temperature it was time to head back to the warmth and shelter of the car and set off on the journey home. Below are a couple of my favourite shots from my day out can you believe it there was a guy surfing (they make em tough in the north) see if you can spot him in one of the shots!



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